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Limited sizes - please call to order! Our exclusive Lay-down Collar Ruffled Formal Shirt is available in "stark" white with a solid white ruffled front, convertible stud front, and convertible cuffs for either buttons or some of your favorite cuff links. This fabulous and extremely difficult shirt to find offers the amazing versatility of either using the supplied white buttons on the convertible front and cuffs, or the formal studs and cuff links of your choice. In other words, both the front placket (where the shirt buttons in the front) and the cuffs have the button holes on the outside piece and inside piece for either the buttons or the studs and cuff links of your choice. Made with 186 thread-count 65% polyester and 35% cotton fabric, this shirt has the thickness and body of a much more expensive shirt. A very popular formal shirt, available in sizes 2XL (double extra-large) to 4XL (four extra-large) at just $54.99. As a note, all shirts are shipped without bow ties, as they may be purchased separately, such as our "2 1/2 Banded Bow Tie" at just $7.99 each. You may also wish to take a look at our formal cuff link and stud sets for your new formal shirt.

Note: The neck sizes and waist for each size follows: XS is 13-13 1/2 neck, 35 waist; S is 14-14 1/2 neck, 39 waist; M is 15-15 1/2 neck, 43 waist; L is 16-16 1/2 neck, 48 waist; XL is 17-17 1/2 neck, 53 waist; 2XL is 18-18 1/2 neck, 57 waist; 3XL is 19-19 1/2 neck, 61 waist; 4XL is 20-20 1/2 neck, 65 waist.

Are your collarís too tight?

We can help!

Product ID: DSCHR01B

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