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The hardest to find suit in the world ! Our pure white business styled dress suits in either our fashionable single breasted model or our timeless double breasted model, are the “rage” all over the world. THE WHITE SUIT® is offered with our traditionally styled pleated dress slack which many of our customer’s wear as a separate pair of dress slacks with out the jacket. Readily available in men’s sizes from 36 Short to men’s size 60 Long, with bigger sizes available by special request .... Made of a “breathable” (porous) and "modern day" Teteron material for shape retention and longevity in wear as well as for the pure white color retention.

For years we have been a volume and major suppler of pure white suits not only to individuals but to the entertainment industry, churches and religious leaders of all types including Pastors and Ministers, Samoans all over the continent for their religious and festive events, the Philippinos for their festive and religious events, and for large groups including fraternities and lodges. Available in pure white only at Siegel’s and Zootsuitstore.com, the jacket and slack, at just $179.99 in sizes up to size 46, $199.99 from size 48 to 52, and at just $219.99 from size 54 to 60. And remember, this suit comes with our famous guarantee!

Note: THE WHITE SUIT® jacket may be purchased separately without the pants. Please click here for details.

Product ID: SDM315001


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