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Totally awesome, and by far our most popular model. Made-To-Order and custom tailored to your exact specified measurements, our Swing model suit is an authentic 1930ís/1940ís swing era double-breasted jacket model with wider shoulders, authentic peak lapels, a longer jacket tapered and suppressed to the waist, with full and baggy pleated pants at the top with a taper from the knee down to a small cuffed bottom. "The Swing " model was the Zoot Suit of the "swing era", and still today, is the model of choice for the bands and the fashion conscious "hep cats".

"The Swing" was made popular in the 1930ís and 1940ís by famous well dressed entertainers, such as Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Bob Hope, and Artie Shaw, just to mention a few. Because "The Swing" suit was so hi-profile and popular with entertainers, it evolved to becoming the most fashionable and popular style of menís suit in America for over 25 years. The fabrics available for these suits change continuously, but over 12 solid colors are always available ! The prices for "The Swing" model Zoot Suit (Coat and Pant) in solid colors is just $209.99, including all custom tailoring. And remember, this suit comes with our famous guarantee!

Note: Due to certain fabric requirements, jacket sizes larger than 46 will be slightly higher in price, at $239.99, and if you choose to purchase online, the additional charge of $30.00 will appear as a separate charge. Thank you.

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Product ID: ZS101

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