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This is the real thing !

Have you seen the movie “The Mask”?HAND-MADE IN THE USA! Made-to-Order and custom tailored to your exact specified measurements, this brand new and totally awesome “extreme” Zoot Suit will be the rave anywhere ! We have made the jacket with much broader shoulders, peak lapels, three buttons, shaping at the waist and hip area, longer rear center vent, inside pockets, and two outside pockets just as in “The Mask”. The slack we have included with this Zoot Suit uses the super baggy mid to late 1950’s style higher Hollywood waistband with smaller belt loops, inside suspender buttons, four outside pockets, and an “extreme” tapering from the knee down to a very small and cuffed bottom. The difference in styling between this slack and a regular pair of traditional slacks, is that this pant does not have a waistband ---- the Hollywood waistband is very hi-fashion and very difficult to make, as in this styling the pant is made from several long and vertical pieces of fabric, meticulously and expertly sewn together to shape the pant, but never coming together in the waist area with a traditional waistband sewn around the top where the different pieces of fabric come together ---- the fabric just stops at the top of the waist ---- for that awesome and most extreme look ! You can see the "extreme" look of this fabulous suit, in the color Sapphire with White Stripes as shown in the photo below of a few of the members of the award winning and Internationally famous music group, The Underground Jazz Cabaret featuring Idris Ackamoor.


The yellow suit that we use in our picture above is our exact replica (except for the patented lining) of the suits we made for “The Mask”. Shown in these pictures along with this suit is our matching yellow/gold Zoot Hat (only in the smaller picture), black body with white taping Taped Collar dress shirt, and one of our totally awesome retro tie and hanky sets, and one of our Thin Belts--all of these items are also available for purchase in our "Accessories" section. Made-to-Order and custom tailored to your exact specified measurements, in several outstanding color combinations, only to name a few here ---- such as red with black pin-stripes and our newest and most requested color combination, brown with rust pin-stripes, and of course, many more ---- HAND-MADE IN THE USA! -- this suit is definitely the most “extreme” of any of our suits, and is now available at just $559.99 up to size 46, at $599.99 from size 48 to 52, and at $659.99 from size 54 to 56, and $679.99 for size 58 and up. Order now for the best selection! And remember, this suit comes with our famous guarantee!

Copyrighted Photo of an Original Siegel’s Zoot Suit
Used by Vogue Patterns, Circa 1940’s

For our customers who prefer an all wide leg pant without any tapering, we made a few of our Zoot Suit Extreme 2000 suits with the exact same jacket as pictured here but with our Bruno Pant or Swing Dancer Pant instead of our Hollywood waistband tapered slack, and we call this model The Paco...the Bruno slack unlike the Hollywood waistband slack, has a more traditional waistband and three fabulous and full pleats with a wide leg all the way down to a wide cuffed bottom.

The Reveille A Cappella Barbershop Quartet
New York City, New York USA


This pant is made to ride on the waist just slightly higher than a traditional dress slack, and with the wide thigh and seat area, wider leg, and wide cuffed bottom, you have another very stylish and awesome look. Because we only made a few of The Paco Zoot Suits, please give us a call or e-mail us to see what is available in your size….and please be sure to have all of your measurements when you contact us, so that we can give you just the right fit.

Note: ****In the color choices below, "T/T" means an self stripe (Same color) in the fabric, or as we call it, "Tone-on-Tone" Stripes.

If you want find out What You Can Look Like & What makes Siegel’s Suits and Pants so great! Please Click Here.!

Product ID: ZSEX01

Before selecting color, you can view our color swatches.

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