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This is the ultimate pant that you have been waiting for! Our totally “awesome” and individually hand-made in the USA HOLLYWOOD WAISTBAND® PANT will without a doubt be the "rage" everywhere... extremely baggy late 1940’s to late 1950’s style very high "riding" Hollywood Waistband® with small dropped belt loops, inside suspender buttons, four outside pockets, and an “extreme” tapering from the knee down to a very small and cuffed bottom. The difference in styling between our HOLLYWOOD WAISTBAND® PANT and a regular pair of traditional slacks, is that this pant does not have a waistband ---- the Hollywood Waistband® is very hi-fashion and very difficult to make, as in this styling, the pant is made from several long and vertical pieces of fabric from the bottom of the leg to the top of the waist, meticulously and expertly sewn together to shape the pant, but never coming together in the waist area with a traditional waistband sewn around the top, these different pieces of fabric just come together at the top without a waistband holding them together ---- the fabric just stops at the top of the waist with all of vertical long pieces of fabric just sewn together---- for that “awesome” and most extreme look !

Made by us in the USA and available in several super fabrics as listed in the color choice menu below, normally priced at just $199.99 a pair, and now on sale for a short time at just $169.99 a pair.

If you do not see the color that you want listed, please give us a call as we have lots of fabric in other colors including many different pin-stripe colors too.

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When you place your order, we will need your important measurements....please Click Here for a chart

Product ID: ZSZP105

Before selecting color, you can view our color swatches.

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