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Siegel's Continuing Guarantee

Where you buy is as important as what you buy, and Siegel's takes care of it's own! The following guarantee applies to every suit, sportcoat, tuxedo, or slack sold by Siegel's. All alterations are without charge--FREE ! Your garment will be kept in good repair by us for as long as repairs are possible, including lining or pocket repairs, as well as button or zipper replacement. If you gain or lose weight and your garment no longer fits you properly, simply send it in with your new measurements and we will do our best to re-fit and re-alter. No matter how long ago the garment was purchased from us, send it in for service by our expertly trained tailors ! Please note that we do not reweave or re-cut the garment. Holes, tears, or burns requiring reweaving must be taken by you to a weaver. Also, California state law requires that your garment must be dry-cleaned before our tailors can work on it.

Please call Siegel's Clothing Superstore at (415) 824-7729 for a RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION (R.M.A.) NUMBER, and print your RMA number on all six (6) sides of your carton. Your garments must be received by Siegel's Clothing Superstore within 10 days from the date the R.M.A. number is issued.

Ship your garments for alterations or repair to this address only:

    Siegel's Clothing Superstore
    Attn: Tailoring Department-2nd Floor
    2366 Mission Street
    San Francisco, California 94110

    Telephone: (415) 824-7729
    E-mail: service@zootsuitstore.com

Also, please be sure to include a note explaining exactly what you would like to have us do for you, and also be sure to include your name, telephone, e-mail address, and complete shipping address information.

Remember, What's So Special About Zootsuitstore.com? is that each and every authentic Siegel’s Zoot Suit and Zoot Pant is made-to-order and custom tailored to your exact specified measurements!


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