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Out Of The San Francisco Bay Area Rental Information




And A Cool Vintage Offering



Siegel's and Zootsuitstore.com is the largest renter and seller of men's formalwear in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area showing the largest men's formalwear collection for sale or rent anywhere in the USA. Presently we offer over 100 different styles of tuxedos for rent, including Zoot Suit Tuxedos and Business Suits, ranging in rental price from $29.99 to $149.99. Our accessory collection is just as expansive with well over 200 different color combinations of bow ties, cummerbunds and vests to choose from. We proudly offer out of town rentals, as well as offering rental reservations from out of town, to be picked up locally here in the San Francisco, California Bay Area.

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Zootsuitstore.com by Siegel's Clothing Superstore proudly rents Zoot Suit Tuxedos all over the Continental USA, in our Pachuco Model, in either solid black, black with white pin-stripes, solid white, or The Swing Model in solid black.

The basic rental price of $99.95 includes:

  • The Zoot Jacket
  • The Tuxedo Pant
  • The Shirt
  • The Four-in-Hand Tie

The normal rental period is usually for one night.

For an additional $50.00, you can add the Zoot Package to any rental, and the package includes:

  • The Black Fedora
  • The Double Zoot Chain
  • The Zoot Suspenders
  • The Black and White Spectator Shoes
  • and the most awesome "Pimp Socks", which our customer keeps!

* Brand New! Add to your rental a pair of our most awesome pants for the most extreme look, our HOLLYWOOD WAISTBANDŽ PANT in black 100% Burlington Industries wool, the same Formalwear Industry standard wool used to make all of our 100% wool rental tuxedos. The HOLLYWOOD WAISTBANDŽ PANT rents for an additional $30.00. Thus, a perfect match and an authentic and extreme look!

The sizes available for rent in our Zoot Suit Tuxedos run from boy's size 4 to men's size 68 Long.

* And, why rent when you can now buy a Zoot Suit for a very limited time with our ZOOT SUIT BLOW-OUT promotion. Buy one of our specially reduced suits at an "unrealistically low" price of just $149.99 for the Zoot Suit, jacket and pant, and in colors too! Please click here for the details !

Brand New!, we are renting a limited number of authentic vintage Lord West late 1960's -1970's Light Blue Tuxedos. These 30 to 40 year-old tuxedos are in great condition for their age with some minor wear and are available in an array of sizes including some boy's sizes. Most of the jackets are the tuxedo style, while we have a few formal tailcoats available also. These authentic jackets feature a full satin notched lapel collar, satin highlighted flap pockets, and a low gorge to show off the four button vest, with a one button closure. The pant is a plain front slightly flared adjustable waist pant, with a light blue satin stripe down the side of the pant. These Light Blue Jackets were worn with either the matching pant or with a black tuxedo pant. An awesome find!

The basic rental price for Siegel's Vintage Light Blue Tuxedo is $79.99 and includes:

  • The Jacket
  • The Pant - your choice of either the matching light blue plain front tuxedo pant, a black double pleated tuxedo pant, or a white double pleated tuxedo pant
  • The Shirt - your choice of either a lay-down collar 1/4 inch pleated shirt, or a a wing-tip collar 1/4 inch pleated shirt
  • The matching light blue Vest or Cummerbund
  • The Bow Tie
HOT! White Ruffled Tuxedo Shirts are also available for rent for an additional $10.00.

Pure White Tuxedo Shoes may be also rented for an additional $25.99, or purchased for $69.99.

The normal rental period is usually for one night.

Rentals out of the San Francisco Bay Area require:

  • A credit card number be left on file
  • A $250.00 security deposit.
  • A signed credit card payment form (Siegel's Telefax Service forms may be used).
  • A copy of the card holders picture drivers license or state ID showing the signature.
  • A copy of the front and back of credit card showing the card holders signature.

This security deposit will be returned to the customer after the garments along with all of the accessories are returned to our San Francisco warehouse by the agreed upon return date and time, in the proper "undamaged" condition. For example, all weekend rentals must be in our San Francisco warehouse by 5PM on the first Tuesday after the weekend. Late fees for late returned garments will be charged at the rate of $25.00 per day. Freight both ways is also the responsibility of the customer.

If you would like Measurement Forms showing the required measurements, and also excellent to take with you when you get your measurements taken please click here

For a complete set of Tuxedo Rental forms, including measurement information, use and pick-up date information, and payment information please click here

Print out the forms, and follow the directions printed on the forms. If you would like more information, or have questions, please e-mail, fax, or telephone for superior customer service.


Current Time Is : 7:20:25 PM Pacific Time on 2/15/2019.
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