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Siegel’s Custom Apparel Division

Siegel’s Custom Apparel Division can make either "The Swing®" model Zoot Suit, "The Pachuco®" model Zoot Suit, the brand new "Zoot Suit Extreme® " model Zoot Suit with either our Zoot Pant or exclusive Hollywood Waistband Pant®, "The Paco® ", "The Zoot Pant", "The Martini Suit®",a "Basic Three-Button or Four-Button Single-Breasted Business Suit" model, "The Nehru " model suit, the "Single-Breasted or Double-Breasted Tuxedo", the "Tuxedo with a Tail Jacket", or a "Basic Double-Breasted Business Suit" model, from fabrics supplied by the customer. Just added and a brand new model that we now custom make, is our exclusive Dakota® Top Coat. The cut, make, and trim prices for clothing made from customer supplied fabrics are listed below. If we are "customizing" for you one of our standard suit or jacket offerings, there may be an additional outer fabric charge.

  • Suit: Jacket and Slack: $499.00

  • (Any of the custom features listed below may be added at the published additional cost. For example, Slack Lining to the Knee can be added to the suit for $50.00 additional.)

  • Sport Jacket/Zoot Jacket/Dinner Jacket: $419.00
    • Custom Jacket Lining: $75.00 additional

    • (Any customer supplied lining other than our standard supplied lining.)
    • Satin Lapels on Jacket (Tuxedo Look): $80.00 additional
    • Additional Pocket Inside Jacket: $60.00 additional
    • Custom Zipper Pocket, Inside Jacket: $75.00 additional

  • Vest-Full Back: $100.00

  • Slack: $125.00

  • (Basic Dress Slacks in either Flat Front (Plain Front) or Pleated Models)
    • Slack Lining to the knee: $50.00 additional
    • Satin Leg Stripe (Tuxedo Look): $50.00 additional

  • Hollywood Waistband Slack®: $150.00

  • Dakota® Top Coat: $350.00

  • (Our exclusive Dakota® Top Coat is the most traditional styled over-coat offered today in the timeless and classic 46 inch length, notched lapel, four button front, handkerchief breast pocket, and two slash front side pockets.)

The amount of fabric required varies, but as a general rule, for suits up to size 46, if the fabric roll is 58" to 62" wide, 5 1/2 yards minimum is required. If the size is 48 and above, then 8 1/2 yards minimum is required. If the fabric roll is narrower than 58", then extra yardage of fabric may be necessary. Many pin-stripe fabrics on rolls with the stripes running horizontally, less than 58" wide, cannot be used to make longer style Zoot Suit jackets or pants. Also, as a rule, slacks need 3 yards, and jackets need 4 yards. Please discuss the fabric needs with us before purchasing fabric. As a note, the cut, make, and trim price that we quote above is an all inclusive manufacturing price, and means that we include everything except the outer fabrics to make the garments, for example, the jacket linings, buttons, pockets, facing, shoulder pads, thread, zippers, etc.

Garments made from our customer's own fabrics normally take 4 to 6 weeks to make.

Please be sure to let us know before you send your fabric to us, as you will need an RMA Number to write on your package. When you send your fabric, please be sure to include in your package your complete measurement information and any instructions, as well as your payment information.

Ship your fabric to this address only:

    Siegel's Clothing Superstore
    RMA Number:____________________
    Attn: Custom Apparel Division-2nd Floor
    2366 Mission Street
    San Francisco, California 94110

    Telephone: (415) 824-7735
    E-mail: service@zootsuitstore.com

For a chart of required measurements please click here

* "Siegel's Continuing Guarantee" applies to all merchandise purchased from Siegel's Clothing Superstore and it's Internet Web Sites. Since all Made-to-Order clothing is covered by this "unbelievable" guarantee, Made-to-Order clothing is not refundable.


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