Please make sure to contact the store where you plan to pick up your outfit. If you are renting an outfit to be shipped directly to you, please use our San Francisco store.

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Employer___________________________ Work Address_______________________
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Directions: Please have a formalwear representative or your tailor fill in the required measurements.
Tuxedo Style/Number______________________________________
Coat Size______ S R L XL Check One
Size of coat tried on__________
Sleeve Inseam__________
Height_______ Weight_______ Chest Underarm_______ Chest Overarm_______
Pants: Waist________ Hip________ Inseam________ Outseam________
Shirt Size: Neck________ Sleeve________ Shoe Size_________

Method of Payment
All Prices in US Dollars

Please include credit card number and expiration date with charge orders

Charge to my(circle one)


Credit Card Number_________________________________________

Expiration Date_____________________________________________
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Card Validation Code________________________________________
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If this rental is to be used out of the San Francisco Bay Area, we require:

  • A credit card number be left on file
  • A $250.00 security deposit.
  • A signed credit card payment form (Siegel's Telefax Service forms may be used).
  • A copy of the card holders picture drivers license or state ID showing the signature.
  • A copy of the front and back of credit card showing the card holders signature.
  • We will ship your outfit to the credit card billing address only.

The security deposit will be returned to the customer after the garments along with all of the accessories are returned to our San Francisco warehouse by the agreed upon return date and time, in the proper "undamaged" condition. Rentals are due back in our San Francisco warehouse two days after the agreed upon use date. For example, all weekend rentals must be in our San Francisco warehouse by 5PM on the first Tuesday after the weekend. Late fees for late returned garments and/or accessories will be charged at the rate of $25.00 per day. Freight both ways is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Please make sure to contact the store where you plan to pick up your outfit. If you are renting an outfit to be shipped directly to you, please use our San Francisco store.

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