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Lay-away Policy

LAY-AWAY TERMS: Siegel's is proud to offer it's well known very convenient and flexible Lay-away Plan, anywhere in the Continental USA. The policies and procedures for our "Digital Lay-Away Plan" are listed below for your review:

  • All Siegel's Lay-Away Agreements require a minimum initial deposit of 20% of the total price, including any applicable taxes, estimated shipping fees, and/or other fees and/or charges, as determined to be included in the total purchase price.

  • All Siegel's Lay-Away Agreements require that a minimum payment be made at least every 30 days to be applied against the total price of the Lay-Away, calculated from the date of the initial Lay-Away set-up and receipt of the signed and executed Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement in San Francisco, California.

  • There will be no handling or processing charges in connection with the set-up or maintenance of your Siegel's Lay-Away Agreements.

  • All Siegel's Lay-Away Agreements are for a period of 60 Days. However, in certain circumstances, the period may be lengthened if agreed upon by both the BUYER and SIEGEL'S, only if the scheduled payments are made at least every 30 days. Any changes to the Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement must be in writing and signed by both the BUYER and SIEGEL'S.
    Click here for Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement Form

  • Alterations or Custom Tailoring will not begin until at least one-half ( 1/2 ) of the total amount of the Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement is paid.

  • There are no refunds of any Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement payments. However, SIEGEL'S will refund any Lay-Away deposit and subsequent payments, if any, when, before the end of the Lay-Away period, the goods have for any reason become no longer available in the same condition as at the time of the sale to BUYER. Otherwise, BUYER will not be entitled to any refund of payments made or any exchange of consumer goods sold under the Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement.

  • All Siegel's Lay-Away Agreements require that the Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement document be signed, dated, and returned to SIEGEL'S CLOTHING SUPERSTORE, 2366 Mission Street, San Francisco, California 94110 USA.
    Click here for Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement Form

  • Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement will terminate, and BUYER's deposit and other payments under Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement will become non-refundable and be forfeited to SIEGEL'S if payment of the total purchase price has not been made within one year (1) from the date of Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement.

Siegel's does not extend any form of customer credit, customer credit installment payment terms other than Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement, or in-house credit under any circumstances. Any offers to purchase including purchase orders, and/or any type of procurement document must be accompanied by an acceptable form of payment before the order leaves our facilities.

Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. We may require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. If additional information is necessary, we will contact you via email at the email address you provided with your order, or by telephone at the telephone number(s) provided with your order. Siegel's Clothing Superstores and Zootsuitstore.com reserve the right to accept or decline your order for any reason at any time. Siegel's Clothing Superstores and Zootsuitstore.com reserve the right at any time after receipt of your order, without prior notice to you, to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item.

Shipping and delivery time frames that may be quoted will not begin until appropriate approval and verification of your order has been obtained.

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TO MAKE PAYMENTS: Payments can be made as frequently as you like, but, in order to keep your Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement in current standing a payment must be made at least every 30 days to be applied against the total price of the Lay-Away, calculated from the date of the initial Lay-Away set-up and receipt of the signed and executed Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement in San Francisco, California. These payments can be made either online by using Siegel's Special Order/Pay-Away Payment Form, by mail, or by Wire Transfer.

  • ONLINE PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: To make your payment online, please click on the direct link below and enter the requested information in the boxes on the form:


    Please be sure to include this information in the "Product Description Box" on the online Payment Form:

    • Your Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement Number

    • Any special information that we should know

  • WIRE TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS: By wire transfer, for purchases of $110.00 or more, via the Federal Reserve Bank to:
      Summit Bank
      2969 Broadway
      Oakland, California 94611
      Tel: (510) 839-8800

      E-mail: bankwiretransfer@zootsuitstore.com for the complete Bank Wire Transfer Instructions and details.

  • PAYMENT MAILING INSTRUCTIONS: Please mail payments to the address below, only. You will need to include a note indicating your Siegel's Lay-Away Agreement Number, your name, address, and telephone number:

      Lay-Away Payments
      Siegel's Clothing Superstore
      2366 Mission Street
      San Francisco, California 94110-1814

      Tel: (415) 824-7735
      Fax: (415) 824-7256

TAXES: For orders shipped to California addresses or for orders personally picked up in any of our retail stores, by law we are required to charge 8.5% California State Sales Tax on all clothing and accessories. Shipping fees are not taxable. You will not be charged California State Sales Tax for orders sent outside California.

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SHIPPING: Shipping and handling charges are added to all clothing and accessory shipments. Siegelís ships world wide using, United Parcel Service, United States Postal Service, Airborne Express, and Federal Express. Overnight delivery is available. Please note that Siegel's can only ship to exact street addresses, and cannot ship to post office boxes or APO or FPO addresses.



UPS Shipments may be tracked at this link,

by just entering your tracking number(s) in the box(s).


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